donderdag 20 september 2012

Storing boards & logs

I must admit that my motivation for keeping the blog up to date went way down when we stopped building on the sauna. After Karel went back to Belgium I spent my time visiting Stockholm, Uppsala and parts of Dalarna.
But there was still one big job left: storing our logs and boards and planks in such a way that there're proctected from the rain & moist. It's something that must be done with care: when the wood is badly aired fungi start to grow very quickly.
Luckily I received help from my dad who visited me in Sweden at the beginning of september (it's not possible to lift the hustimmers alone).

Spacers keep the boards apart. Between the top layer and the tarp there's also a ventilation space.

vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

Game over for this summer

Some good and some bad new:
First the bad news? Ten days before I was to leave Bart to himself I managed hurt myself. Nothing serious but no more lifting heavy logs for this summer for me. 

The good news? We had hoped to finish at least the walls this summer but alas. We managed to finish 6 out of 8 layers which isn't bad though. We even got some help from an Australian friend of ours, Ray. We met him on the course in Gränsfors and was so good to come and help us for a week. He even gave Bart some pointers on how to make that mortise axe razor sharp ... the irony of it all :-)

More news next summer!


Ray, our very helpful Aussie slave labourer

Ray preparing a lovely stew in the Dutch oven

the stew is almost ready Ray!

my last visit to Lake Orsen

zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Half way?

drilling dowel holes

moss for insulation between the hustimmer

view from the sauna